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Adventure elopement photography

I'm constantly traveling and looking for new places for a photoshoot. If you want to make an unusual engagement story I will give you countless inspiring ideas. Also, I'm really easy-going, so I can make a great photoshoot of you whichever place in California you choose! I know the best spots to take engagement & weddings pictures in CA. I am ready to go with you anywhere in the world. The photo with a couple, and a flying bird on the background was rewarded in 2021, and got the 1 place in the photo competition, organized by

Photographer - Alex Shevchik 

Couple -  Olga and Denis 

Outdoors Engagement photo soot
Adventure engagement session
Adventure elopement in the mountains
pre-wedding photoshoot in California
Shooting a couple on a lake
California love story
black and white elopement photo
Engagement photo ideas
Adventure elopement photographer
Photo of lovers under the starry sky
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