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Sweet love story

Photo session in New York

Photosession love story with Alex and Daniel, which we did in New York. Daniela is a talented model, and Alex is a great dancer. I wanted to make a romantic, but at the same time, stylish and youth photography. My task is to make emotional pictures. I wanted to convey the energy of this young couple's life. For the photo session, we took clothes in light colors. We went to Coney Island, where Daniela and Alex met.

Photography Shevchik Production

Couple - Daniela and Alex

Fashion engagement photographer
Stylish couple photo session
Stylish engagement photoshoot
Fashion photographer couple
Girl sitting on a guy’s neck
Hipster engagement photographer
Love story photoshoot follow me
Loving couple runs holding hands
Romantic engagement photographer
Fashion photoshoots in New York
Emotional photography
Romantic engagement photoshoot
Emotional engagement photoshoot NYC
A fun photo session for lovers
Fashion photoshoot in NYC
Engagement photo session in white
Stylish engagement photographer
Stylish engagement photoshoot
Photoshoot of a couple in love NYC
Couple photography
Sweet engagement photosession
Emotional engagement
Fashion engagement photographer
Photoshoot sweet love story
Fashion photoshoot couple

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