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How to Look Good in Your Wedding Photos

Every couple aspires to look picture-perfect on their wedding day, but unfortunately, the camera doesn’t fancy everyone, and most people get hackles when they pose for a picture. When it comes to wedding photography, awkward grins and shifty poses are common. will your wedding day is fast approaching, be prepared for your photographer snaps a boatload of photos. Try these little tips and tricks to conquer the ingrained camera phobia and get the most out of your wedding photos:

Relax and Enjoy

Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, and it should show on your face. If you gaze and drool over gorgeous wedding photographs on various blogs, know that those couples are people just like you. So, what makes those photos so enviable? The couple is relaxed and too lost “at the moment” to worry about anything. While photography can take eons and perpetually plastering a grin on your face can be torturous, just relax your face to show off your most natural smile. Think about the memories you are going to create together and let your eyes shine with them.

If posing in front of the guests makes you nervous and edgy, have your wedding photographs taken at a secluded spot so you can let your guard down and be yourself. In addition, being comfortable with your photographer is the key to flattering photographs. Get to know your photographer before the big day.

Perfect Posture

Perfecting a posture that flatters your figure can work wonders for your wedding photographs. If you desire to look 10 pounds lighter in front of the camera, try this Hollywood trick: rotate your hips 45o away from the camera and shift your weight to your back foot, elongate the other leg to cross it at the front while bending the knee a little, put a hand on your hip and give a winning smile. If you feel like you have a “good side,” make the most of it.

Practice standing straight. Hunching in photographs can be destructive. From working at office desks all day, most of us develop a slouch of the shoulders that is far from flattering. Standing straight makes you look tall and confident. Keep your chin high to ward off the double chin dilemma, and stretch your neck. And lastly, don’t forget to breathe!

Hold the Bouquet Right

This one is exclusively for brides. In the frenzy of the wedding day, brides often get overwhelmed and forget how they are holding their bouquets. The usual inclination is to have the scent above the waist. Still, photographers keep insisting that to flaunt your ensemble and silhouette; bouquets should be held by the belly button and never in front of the chest. You don’t want to appear hiding behind the flowers, do you?

Strike a Pose

Whether you are choosing a natural, quirky or traditional wedding photography style, posing will be needed. Make it an enjoyable experience for both of you. Check out wedding portraits on Pinterest for inspiration, or practice your own.

The key is to be comfortable. Imagine how you like to touch each other, how you kiss softly and get a photograph captured while you are yourself. Always listen to your photographer’s advice but if it doesn’t seem right, change it up. After all, the day is about the two of you!

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