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Alex Shev
Photography and Cinematography service specialized in Weddings, Elopements, and Engagements based in Orange County and Los Angeles

Greetings to all!  My name is Alex Shev.

I am a Orange County based photographer specialized in Wedding Photography, Elopement and Engagement sessions. I like photography! I am interested in art. I inherited from my father. In his youth, He was fond of photography. Also in my family - my uncle was an artist and my grandfather made stone sculptures.

At my young age, I spent a lot of time with my father, He taught me the secrets of the camera and how to develop films. I always admired famous artists, and already at a young age, I was impressed by how they can convey the image of the hero in their paintings. My father was fond of photography, and seeing his work, sparkle in me a desire to create pictures using photographic film.

That desire imposed me to get my first camera and devote all my free time to photography. With the passing years, my love for photography aroused more and more. At some point, I understood and realized a lot in myself.

During a period of my life, I studied and tried in different genres of photography. Starting with studio shootings, I also went on to reporting photographer, and also in advertising and wedding photography. Then I realized I like wedding photography. Why? Because all people are unique and at the same time, each couple has their own love story. Like any painter, I like to capture their emotions for centuries. My style in wedding photography is photojournalistic with an emphasis on surprising candid moments with an artistic touch.

I realized in myself the most important thing that photography is my element. It’s not just my hobby or work, it’s part of who I AM. A source of inspiration and spiritual energy.

Together with the camera, I can reproduce the world around us, the way I want to show it to everyone.

I am always interested in new acquaintances, get to know new people with similar interests. People are beautiful and through the eye of the camera become the element that inspires me.

I like to travel and discover new places. I feel happy realizing myself and my work.

This is my calling!

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I shoot commercials for clients such as:

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