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Shevchik Production Referral Program

Our goal is always to ensure our couples are satisfied and thrilled with their photos and overall photography experience. The highest praise we can receive is when our previous clients recommend us to their friends and family. Your support is priceless to our business, and we are truly grateful!

To express our gratitude to our couples who refer us to their friends, family, and beyond, here are the specifics of our referral program:

Give your acquaintances and family a $300 credit and earn a $300 credit in return!

Our program enables past clients to accumulate Referral Credits for future photography or print services by referring new clients to Shevchik Production. The referee also benefits by receiving an equivalent Referral Credit towards their own services or products.

​ Do you follow Shevchik Production enthusiastically?

By completing a form, you consent to adhere to these Rules. Any breach of these Rules may result in you being barred from any Shevchik Production referral scheme (present or future) and may also lead to the loss or withdrawal of any Shevchik Production credits earned through the scheme.

Thank you for completing the referral program form!

  • What if a referee cancels a booking?
    In case a referee cancels their booking, all corresponding credits for both referee and referrer will be nullified.
  • Can I combine the referral credit with other offers?
    Referral credits cannot be stacked with other promotional offers or discounts.
  • Do Referral Credits have an expiration date?
    Referral credits will be valid for three years from the date they are awarded. Shevchik Production retains the authority to modify, halt, or entirely end any referral scheme, as well as the ability of any referrer or referee to participate in any referral scheme or receive Referral Rewards at any point and for any reason. If Shevchik Production discontinues a referral scheme, any unused or unredeemed Referral Credits may be forfeited at that point, provided a notice period of 90 days is given to use or redeem your Referral Credits. Shevchik Production has the right to update these Rules at any point. If there are updates, they will be posted on this webpage.
  • Who can participate in this scheme?
    Referrers - Former customers of Shevchik Production can receive Referral Credits. Referees - Friends, relatives, and anyone you know who hasn't previously availed our photography services might qualify as referees.
  • How do I redeem my referral credit?
    For using your referral credit, please reach out to us for a fresh booking at the following link: During booking, mention the amount of referral credit you'd like to use. We'll validate your credit in our records and confirm the amount.
  • Can I accumulate more than one referral credit?
    Referrer - Referrers can earn unlimited Referral Credits. However, they can only apply a maximum of $1,000 to wedding photography services/products and $300 to non-wedding photography services/products annually. Unused credits can be rolled over and used on future services. Referee - Each referee can be referred only once, hence if someone else referred them and they've booked our services, your referral will not be accepted.
  • How can I extend a referral credit?
    Circulate this webpage link to your referee who then needs to complete the form below. You'll get your referral credit once your referee has finalized their booking and paid the retainer for our services. The form needs to be filled before the booking process is concluded. We can't give Referral Credits after a booking is done, nor can we offer retroactive credits.
  • Can I transfer the referral credit?
    Referral credits cannot be transferred, have no cash equivalent, and may have an expiry date.
  • Do you travel?
    Our service area includes Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Napa. There are no travel fees for these areas and we do travel from time to time. Depending on our availability we decide if we can travel and what the fees would be case by case.
  • Can I request a shot I saw on Pinterest?
    Absolutely! Just remember to mention it in the creative meeting and on the wedding day.
  • How many weddings have you shot?
    We have shot over 600 weddings over 6 the last years.
  • Who chooses the photos?
    We choose the photos ourselves, as you probably wouldn’t want to look through 4000 photos. We always include unique moments.
  • Are the photos edited?
    Yes, we do color correction as well as advanced post processing to match the images you see on the website.
  • Who will be my photographer?
    Our team consist of 4 lead photographers, you will be getting one of them.
  • How do I get the photos?
    You will get your photos in a gallery designed just for you, so it’s easy to enjoy them, download, and share.
  • Do I get to meet him/her?
    Of course! You will get to chat with them in the planning stage, closer to the wedding day.
  • Will the photos have watermarks?
    No watermarks, and we always deliver the highest res photos.
  • Do you shoot traditional weddings?
    We have probably shot all traditions out there, just ask! And we will match you with the photographer who has shot a wedding similar to yours.
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