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Do you ask yourself whether you need an engagement photosession? If you haven’t had an engagement photoshoot yet, then these reasons will help you to decide if it’s really necessary and why.

Wedding preparation is a very time-consuming process as couples are often very busy. They have to perform too many tasks and some important assignments may slip out of their sight. I’m talking about an engagement photoshoot. Many people often ask us if they need to do a photosession before the wedding. They ask whether it’s enough to have only wedding photos. The main reason that couples can’t or don’t want to plan such photoshoot is because of their busyness with wedding preparations and lack of free time, as well as insufficient knowledge of what an engagement couple photoshoot is and why to organize it. That’s why we decided to explain why it’s so important.Here are the top 8 reasons.

Perfect way to capture your love story

Your engagement photos are a great way to announce to all your relatives and friends about a pleasant event in your life. But more importantly, they will tell a story about your couple and your love. These memories will be saved properly for many years. It’s a special period in life when you are madly in love and look forward to the moment when you go on a journey through life together. Engagement photos allow saving such precious moments. This is a happy and exciting time, but it won't last forever. Engagement photoshoot can be a great way to capture the memories of that short period, so you can look back on them years later. Professional photographer is able to capture sincere and real emotions, your feelings as an engaged couple! Therefore, any selfies, even if you have a lot of them, can’t be compared with professional photos.

Great pre-wedding training

We should agree that not all of us are models or have experience in photoshoots. If you are not a professional model, then most likely you don’t know how to behave in front of the camera. Sometimes it is very difficult to relax. We can’t behave like we used to and feel unnatural. It’s not surprising that many of us feel uncomfortable expressing emotions and feelings in front of the camera. If you have never had couple photoshoots, then probably you don’t know that there is a little "warm up" at the beginning. This is the part of photosession during which you stop concentrating on the photoshoot and start feeling more relaxed. It allows you to behave as naturally as possible. We all love photos where people look relaxed, smile, and enjoy life. Of course, we want to have our wedding photos like those. Nothing is impossible. Couple photoshoot for engagement will allow you to gain new experience and understand how to work in front of the camera. Your photographer will advise how to behave better and what, on the contrary, is better not to do. Some people like more staged photos while others prefer lively ones. Shooting will allow you to discover new possibilities. When various photosessions are usually easier for women, engagement photoshoot will be very useful for men. When having a connection with your photographer and practicing posing during such shooting, you’ll feel more relaxed during the wedding. Moreover, an engagement photosession is a great way to confirm photographer’s choice who’ll be part of your wedding day.

Forget about stress on the wedding day.

Pre-wedding photography helps to reduce the stress. Lots of people feel nervouswhen seeing a camera! If you feel yourself tough and clumsy in front of the lens, relax! Once you get used to being photographed, the process will be extremely relaxing and pleasant. You’ll be amazed how comfortable you can feel! Engagement shooting gives you the opportunity to create such a comfort until your wedding day. So, you’ll have no fear on your wedding day in front of cameras.

Best way to get to know your photographer better.

Would you like to feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day? Don’t you want to have a wedding photoshoot like it’s your close friend is taking photos? When choosing a photographer, we pay attention not only to his works, but also we need to like the person himself, his perception of the world and understanding of each other. And you may have all of this. You won’t feel nervous during the wedding day as you'll trust the professional you choose. Such confidence could be achieved while working with a person and it gets stronger when you see the result that you like. Pre-engagement photoshoot allows you not only to get to know your photographer but also to get to know each other better. During such shooting, a certain connection appears between you. It allows the photographer to get to know you better as a couple, to find out what you like more. This will be a huge advantage on the wedding day.

Try it before you buy it

Wedding photos are not something that you can replace or return after the wedding. Therefore, many brides have fear. They wonder if their photos look the way they imagine. You won’t make a wedding again if you are not satisfied with the photos. And no matter how much time you spend watching other people's wedding photos that are in the portfolio of the selected photographer. You still can’t imagine your photos. Engagement photos will provide you with such an opportunity. Most likely you’ll receive your photos before the wedding and will be able to see what result to expect from the photographer. And if you do not like working with him or the result of his work doesn’t satisfy you, you should think about changing the photographer. This will allow you to be assured that you’ll be satisfied with your wedding photos.

Use engagement photos in the wedding preparation

There are so many ways you can have benefits from engagement photos:

  • You can use them when creating your wedding website

  • Save the Date Cards will look fantastic with couple photos

  • This is a great opportunity to make unique invitations

  • You can print them for your parents or all the guests at the wedding.

  • Use them like wedding details

  • You can arrange a stand with your photos in the lounge area on your wedding day

  • They can be used when creating a wedding guest book.

Organize an engagement photoshoot on the same day as your hair and makeup trial

Why not arrange a photosession on the same day as the hair and makeup trial? You will have a great opportunity to see how the hairstyle and makeup will look in the photo. It allows you to correct something if necessary on your big day. So, you’ll look the same as you imagine. In addition, you will be able to test the quality of your makeup and how you’ll look in the evening. The same applies to a hairstyle.

Make time for just the two of you

In the constant rush, we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy our time together. Engagement photoshoots can bring us such an opportunity. Throughout the shooting, you will be acting as a team, enjoying each other’s company, and not thinking about anything else. Give yourself this chance) This will allow you both to get beautiful photos and become familiar with each other for better collaboration.

What a huge value in such phosession, isn't it? We hope that thanks to all these arguments you have a strong desire to conduct an engagement photoshoot. Engagement photoshoot is 100% one of our favourite things to do! We wish every couple had their own! Click here to book pre-wedding photoshoot and we’ll contact you within 24 hours and we’ll help to organize engagement photosession full of creative touches and impressive photos.

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