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Creating a Mood Board for Your Wedding: A Comprehensive Guide for Brides and Grooms

To tailor-make photography and cinematography that truly represents you, we need a clear understanding of your character traits, tastes, pastimes, and connection with each other. One way to facilitate this is by asking you to assemble a "moodboard."

What exactly is a Moodboard?

A moodboard, in essence, is a board of inspiration that couples fill with their most cherished images. By incorporating photographs into their moodboard, couples can visually portray elements of their style predilections. It's an anthology of pictures and descriptions aimed at making your dream vision for your wedding or engagement more discernible to us.

You might, for instance, be enamored by the viewpoint or composition, a certain posture, the type of lighting, the post-production style, or any other part of the photo. This board equips our entire crew, ranging from the photographers and cinematographers to the post-production team, album creators, and video editors, to harmonize and comprehend your preferences unambiguously.

Contrasting Moodboard and Shot List

A moodboard should NOT be confused with a "shot list." A "shot list" is an exhaustive list of imperative shots that the photographer is expected to capture and tick off during the wedding day. We generally dissuade the use of such a list as it stifles the photographer's creativity and reorients their focus on replication and recreation, rather than innovation and origination.

The process of building a mood board.

Step 1: Sign in to your Pinterest account and initiate a new board named “Wedding Mood Board” (or Engagement Mood Board, and so on). If you lack a Pinterest account, setting up one is a breeze. Simply adhere to the Pinterest account-setup instructions.

Step 2: Get browsing! While you peruse the diverse pins, use the “Pin It” button to incorporate them into your boards. Feel free to add as many images as you desire to your board, and gradually prune and remove entries as you refine your vision. The options are limitless!

We suggest you save approximately 20-30 photos. You are free to pin images from any source, but we do encourage you to incorporate a few snapshots from our Shev Photography galleries. This makes it simpler for us to decipher what aspects of our style appeal to you when you include a few of our images in your Moodboard.

Step 3: Devote some time to introspect why you adore each picture you save and pin. Is it the lighting? The hues, the perspective, the crop? Possibly, it's the attire, the pose, the setting? Whatever it might be, pen down a succinct description about it to give us a clearer picture of what captivates you.

After accomplishing these three steps, you can share the board with us by navigating to the upper right corner of your Mood Board and clicking on “invite.” You can then dispatch us the direct URL link via email (preferably) or invite us to the board on Pinterest. We’ll assess your Mood Board and accompanying notes during your concluding preparation call. You can view an example Mood Board here. Enjoy your pinning journey!


Here are several features of a well-crafted Moodboard:

It avoids overcrowding with images (20-30 is an optimal number)

It is NOT a shot list

It contains elaborate descriptions

It showcases shots from your wedding location or similar wedding sites

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