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How to please guests at the wedding?

Do you want all the guests to remember your wedding as a sweet, cute, and cozy atmosphere? Our ten ideas will help you create a holiday that will please even the most demanding guest!


Suppose you have guests who come to the wedding from other cities. Let the welcome area of all the arrivals waits for welcome baskets with a small snack and a bottle of lemonade (or a mini-bottle of champagne). Remember to decorate these sets by packaging them in wicker baskets or bags with color lining.


The ceremony, including the bride and groom's engagement and subsequent congratulations, can last about an hour. However, guests are unlikely to experience romance and enjoy the moment fully if hungry. So before the ceremony, offering them light snacks, sweets and refreshments are helpful.


Warm and soft blankets are an essential element of an outdoor wedding. Even if the weather forecast promises heat, many guests, especially girls in light dresses and children, can become calm in the evening. In addition, blankets or elegant shawls, suitable for the color palette of the wedding, will be gorgeous to look at in the photo and help to create a very cozy and warm atmosphere.


If you do not want the banquet to pass in a tense silence under the ringing of cutlery, be sure to consider the seating arrangement given the kinship and personal relationships of the guests because there is nothing worse than spending the entire evening at the table with strangers. And if at different tables will be set husband and wife, you can not avoid resentment and criticism.


Outdoor weddings are beautiful and very popular in California, but such weddings can be very hot and uncomfortable for guests and wedding party. Take care of your guests by placing tables with fans or portable fans in front of the wedding ceremony area. It helps ease the heat, especially for the elderly, more efficiently. Remember umbrellas from the sun. They can not only protect all guests from the burning sun but also emphasize the style of your wedding or complement the wedding palette of colors, giving your wedding photos and film an extra highlight. Give sunglasses to every guest. Sunglasses are great as cheap summer wedding gifts. Add a pretty personalized tag to each of your glasses. All this will make a pleasant impression and serve as souvenirs for all your guests. Happiness is truly in small things.


Gifts to guests are a sign of attention and a way to thank everyone who shared this day with you. Choose compliments according to the wedding theme.


Comfortable shoes without heels will be an actual rescue for your guests if the wedding takes place in nature, and if you are hosting a beach party, do not forget to spank all colors and sizes. But even if the celebration occurs in a restaurant, think about inviting your guests to change into flats - not everyone can dance all evening in heels. By the way, if you leave some sets of Band-Aids in the lady's room, all the girls will be very grateful!


What will interest your wedding guests, especially if they have children, is a sweet table with desserts, sweets, and other sweets, so pay special attention to it. Let the color scheme and the appearance of the treats correspond to the style of the whole wedding, and guests will have the opportunity to choose. Remember the exquisite serving: stylish napkins and textiles, beautiful dishes and appliances - all these matters.


Do you want to share your wedding photos on social media during the day? To do this, you must take care of Wi-Fi and phone chargers. The guests will be very grateful to you because it is frustrating when the whole evening is still ahead of you and on the smartphone, just 3% charging! But if you want to hold a wedding without gadgets and social networks, warn guests about it to avoid disputes and conflicts.


Traditionally, they should be sent to all guests after the wedding, but modern wedding etiquette allows them to place before the banquet on the guests' plates next to the compliments. These can be beautiful cards in envelopes in the style of celebration or with your photo from the engagement, which is written on the back of the words of thanks. Guests will appreciate this gesture and can plunge back into your holiday atmosphere.

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