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What to do if your wedding preparation drives you mad: 7 tips

You start prepping for your wedding, and you're freaking out? We've gathered seven top tips for you to help you through this challenging and challenging period.

1. FEEL THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MOMENT First of all, congratulations! If you still do not fully enjoy your new bride status, we advise you to do it immediately. And when family and friends start throwing organizational questions at you, don't be afraid to say you're not ready to solve them yet. Now you want to enjoy a moment of happiness! But do not delay the start of the preparation too long. 2. PLAN The more carefully you plan everything, the less chance that something will go wrong. If you prefer to write it down, keep a notebook. In it, you can glue all receipts, contacts, photo ideas, and so on. If you are more used to gadgets - make notes on your smartphone/tablet. And don't forget our electronic organizer, our assistant, who will take you step by step to your dream wedding! 3. TIMETABLE FOR THE PREPARATION After planning, it's time to schedule what month you need to do. It must be honest, not idealized, or you'll soon realize you're behind schedule. It may seem complicated, but still, try to do as much as possible in the first months, then the last weeks before the wedding will not be so stressful. 4. DAILY RECONCILIATION Choose one or two days a week or a specific time every day to see if everything is going according to plan. Well, if you do it with your lover. For example, the groom will be responsible for renting the restaurant and menu, and you - for decor. 5. DIVIDE AND RULE This is the surest way to do everything. You and your lover should both be involved in the wedding preparations. Make a list of cases and select the most interesting for each of you. It is excellent to consult each other because it will avoid unpleasant surprises and bring you closer to the preparation process. 6. SEEK COMPROMISES Are you sure you only see your wedding as rustic, and the groom thinks it should be classic and romantic? During the preparation, you will have to find compromises more than once. If the question is moral - be prepared to defend your point of view with weighty arguments, and learn to give in. 7. DETAILS, CONTRACTS, AND NEGOTIATIONS When you sign a wedding contractor contract, ensure you get the details. Ensure that the contract includes the date, time, place, payment scheme, and other information to help you feel confident and calm on your wedding day. Be sure to pay attention to the small print. And do not forget to specify on what conditions you can refuse the contractor's services in the case of force majeure.

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