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5 Reasons to Hire the Same Company for Wedding Photography and Videography

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life. And what is the best way to remember this event if not for your wedding pictures and videos?

As the bride and groom enjoy every second of their wedding, behind the scenes, a team of professionals is working hard to make their dream day impeccable. However, they work with limited time and space with no room for error. Therefore, when it comes to photographers and videographers, they must work together as a team, knowing their angles, shots, and timings.

Sometimes on the busy day of the wedding, videographers and photographers from different companies don’t click, which can cause stress and missed or ruined shots.

To avoid unnecessary risk on your special day, wedding photographer and videographer Alex Shev, Orange County, Los Angeles, recommends getting photography and videography from one company, and here are five reasons why:

1. Shared objectives and responsibility

Professionals from one company work together on a single project. They are willing to share time, communicate, and cooperate to make the client happy. Hiring the same company for photography and videography makes it entirely responsible for the final product. One team is willing to cooperate and complement the work of one another.

2. Organized communication

Hiring photography and videography teams from one studio guarantees that they have experience working together. It helps prevent unexpected arguments, competing for the best shots, or getting into each other’s way. In addition, videographers and photographers know and stick to their exact areas of responsibility to complement the final product.

Regarding real-life situations, our video team knows exactly when to stay away during wide-angle shots, for instance, the first dance or reception overview, as our photographers know when it’s time to leave the couple with the cinema team exclusively for the gorgeous aerial drone footage.

3. Coherent style

Companies specializing in photography and cinematography know how to create a great final product. However, independent parties all have different styles and visions. So, when ordering a complete project from one company, you can expect a consistent manner, quality, and approach to capturing the event. In addition, there is no need to worry about unwanted poses and angles since the guidelines will be shared among every member of professional teams.

A single team is also great for clients with a specific cinematic style. One group of editors will ensure that all pictures and videos are edited accordingly.

4. Saving your time and nerves

It can be challenging to choose the ideal photographer and videographer because hundreds to thousands of them are online. However, when you pick a trustworthy company that offers videography and photography, you must no longer worry about finding a second professional party. Moreover, scheduling one meeting with photographers and videographers simultaneously to discuss your ideas and sign a single set of contracts is also highly convenient.

5. Package Discounts

A dream wedding can sometimes cost a pretty penny, and a budget is always something to consider. However, when you order photography and cinematography from one company, you can get a lower price than ordering such services from two different parties.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to be a part of your best day. Please, feel free to contact us with any further questions!

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