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Tips on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer

Wedding photos are not just beautiful pictures but priceless memories. They are lifelong mementos of your special day. That's why it is essential to choose the best photographer. Our tips will help you to do that!

The rule of thumb is that you should like the photographer both as a professional and as an individual. It's essential because you will share such special moments of your life with this person, confide your emotions, and most importantly, your future memories with him.

Where to begin?

First, think about your future photos and how you see them, and try to imagine yourself in the pictures. Then, decide how many hours you need to book the photographer. The requirements for your wedding photographer will depend on these things. The clearer you state the role of the photographer at your wedding, the better the result - it will be easier for him to work and communicate with you, so you will relish looking through your wedding album.

Decide on the right style.

You should decide what type of photography style resonates with you. Be it traditional, contemporary, or fashionable. That will help determine which kind of photographer you'll want to document your wedding. 

Where to find the perfect photographer?

Browse different social networks

This is the most popular way to find a photographer. You can examine numerous portfolios, immediately contact the photographer, discuss prices and shooting conditions, and arrange a meeting with the prospect without leaving your house.

It would be best to look beyond highlighting photos that photographers post on their social media pages. Instead, look through the entire gallery to gauge how the photographer captures details and memorable moments at the wedding.

Check out

If you want to find a truly creative and talented photographer, then you should visit Photographers must pay a membership fee on this site, which immediately cuts off half of the amateurs. Photographers at are ranked by the number of awards they've earned. Here you can easily find real creators who are passionate about their job. There are a lot of specialized sites where many photographers from around the world are gathered. But sites such as,, and others do not show you the rating of the best wedding photographers. They only offer you those photographers who invested money in ads to have more views and be on top of the ranking. It would be best if you didn't consider such photographers as the best ones because they spend thousands of dollars to be the best on these sites.

Ask for testimonials

If your friends or acquaintances have cooperated with wedding photographers, you can ask them for recommendations. On the one hand, people you trust will recommend you professionals through personal experience, but on the other hand, you should remember that everyone has different tastes.

You may not like the photographer's work style, the cost of his services, or implant mesh with him in person. So, be careful relying on someone's recommendations and, in any case, closely examine photographers' portfolios.

Other methods

  1. Wedding exhibitions, breakfasts for brides, and other offline events in your city.

  2. Wedding print media

  3. Just google your dream photographer

More things to take into account while working with a photographer

Form a contract

Be sure to conclude a contract when working with a photographer and read it carefully before signing. It immediately sweeps away many laypeople, and you will be sure that all your requirements and desires will be fulfilled.

Discuss the fee

When signing the contract, any photographer will ask you to make an advance payment to reserve a date for you and be sure that you will not cancel everything at the last moment. You, in turn, must also be sure that the photographer will be at your wedding, the photos will be of high quality, and the work will be conscientious. Therefore, discuss the matter of payment in advance to avoid sticky situations. Do not forget to include price and pre-payment terms in your contract. It will be a safeguard for both you and the photographer.

Communicate with your photographer

Setting up an in-person meeting with the photographer or at least facetime is essential. But first, you need to get to know your photographer, who will be both a professional and a pleasant and tolerable person to you.

Book a pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot under the stars in the California desert | Alex Shevchik - Engagement and Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles and Orange County
Pre-wedding photoshoot under the stars in the California desert | Engagement & Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County

You can get to know the photographer during the pre-wedding photoshoot. After that, it will be easier for him to work with you because he already feels your vibe and knows how to get on the right side of you. You can read our previous article to find out why you need a pre-wedding photoshoot.

While preparing for the wedding, you and the photographer need to discuss the timing and venue of the photo shoot and think about your looks and the possible scenario. Remember that most of these issues do not require a personal meeting; they can be discussed online or over the phone, saving you and your photographer time.

In our next article, you will find a complete list of questions for a wedding photographer to ask before signing a contract.

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